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    Archaic started with a simple idea:

    High-quality and fashion forward eyewear at a reasonable price.

    Over a cup of coffee, the concept was formed when one of our founders shared his story of how he regrets losing his expensive pair of sunglasses while on a summer trip. It felt like losing an investment. Outside of major eyewear brands, there are other alternatives that sells for less but offers questionable quality. Since then, a problem was realized...

    Aside from being an accessory we customarily know, sunglasses have evolved in time and became an investment to individuals as it became an essential piece to protect eyes from the sun's UV radiation that causes harm to eyesight. Did you know?

    We made sure our product would cover both ends: style and functionality using high-quality materials. Each product is carefully hand-picked from its design up to the make/materials of our frames and lenses. All of our Archaic sunglasses offers polarized lens to reduce glare on reflective surfaces, in effect giving the wearer improved visual comfort.

    Our idea is fuelled by passion. A passion to create high-quality and fashion-forward eyewear.


    Meet Wil

    Loves being in outdoors and filming his travels. As Archaic's creative director/co-founder, he is in charge of overseeing product designs and marketing collaterals. His ideas are inspired by his love for music, photography, and videography.


    Meet John

    Music, basketball, photography and fashion are his interests. With more than 15 years of building relations with customers, he shares his knowledge and experience to his co-founded brand, Archaic eyewear.